The symptoms of TBI and PTSD overlap so much that many of the combat veterans returning home are being treated for PTSD when they really have a brain injury. Without a definitive diagnosis, soldiers are at a high risk for missing out on the treatment that would be most effective for them.


The Center for Neurological Studies is using their patented technology to detect mild to moderate brain injuries in combat veterans who have been exposed to a bomb blast. With the correct diagnosis, these veterans are able to engage in the correct treatment protocols and find hope to re-enter society as civilians and re-engage their family and loved ones. 

Your donation is crucial to helping CNS and the Eisenhower research these treatments and find the best solutions for our military personnel. 

100% of your tax-deductible donation will be applied to the cost of a veteran receiving: the scans needed to get a definitive diagnosis, in patient treatment (including 60 days of housing, meals, and 20 different therapies), and ongoing assessment of their TBI and treatment progress. 

This intervention is a critical part of reducing the 22 suicides a day in our veteran population. A traumatic brain injury can cause: Depression, Anxiety, Insomnia, and a host of other problems that can make a soldier's outlook on their future turn very bleak. If a TBI isn't identified and then treated, soldiers can spend years on medication and in therapies that are ineffective because they never address the REAL problem. 

Your donation can be the intervention that changes a soldier's future, or even saves his life.